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Research Firm Looking to Understand the Patient Experience

A healthcare research firm is recruiting patients living with an aTTP diagnosis to be interviewed. Insights will be for the benefit of a particular pharmaceutical company. Participants are being offered compensation for their participation.

For more information and for participation instructions click here.

Take Action - November 3 Meeting

We shared experiences of having meetings with MLAs/MPPs across Canada. This is such great news! We have even learned of multiple MLAs/MPPs that have, or intend to send their Provincial Minister of Health an official letter regarding the need for access to caplacizumab.

Research is Published!

On September 17, 2021 the Answering TTP Foundation received an exciting update from Dr. Huang in regards to her research grant funded by Answering TTP Foundation entitled "A Prospective Study to Assess the Vascular Burden in TTP Patients". Below is an excerpt from the letter she sent the Foundation along with a link to the publication. Congratulations to Dr. Huang and her team, this is a very exciting developement for the TTP community!