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2 Action Items for the TTP Community

If you missed the Canadian TTP Community meeting on April 28, it is not too late to help. Complete the 2 action items detailed below. The time is now. Your access depends on you. 

Answering TTP Foundation hosted a successful empowering session on April 28 to engage the Canadian TTP community in the province-by-province (territory-by-territory) challenge to gain access to caplacizumab in Canada. The entire Canadian TTP Community and their friends, family, co-workers are needed to act now.

TTP Remains a Medical Emergency Despite Pandemic

A TTP crisis is a true medical emergency. Potentially fatal complications can result from internal blood  clotting, with damage to critical organs such as  the brain and heart.  Early intervention is critical to survival. The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has issued the following release urging patients in emergency to seek care.