Sharing Her Patient Experience with Pharma

On June 14, Mina Rajan (pictured beside) participated in a webinar with a pharmaceutical company's medical affairs employees from around the world to share her personal journey living with TTP.
The webinar that Mina participated in was part of an education series that a pharmaceutical company is holding this year to increase employee knowledge and understanding of TTP, including current standard of care, burden of disease, and unmet patient needs. Mina’s presentation was designed to provide the patient perspective on living with TTP. As someone who not only lives with TTP herself, but who also volunteers with other TTP patients in her role as Director of Patient Relations with Answering TTP Foundation, Mina had a lot to contribute to the discussion. 
Mina presented on her role with Answering TTP Foundation and the work of the organization in raising awareness, funding research and supporting patients. She also shared her personal journey living with TTP for nearly 30 years. Since her first diagnosis in 1994, Mina has experienced 3 relapses and multiple treatments. In sharing her experience, Mina provided valuable insights into the challenges patients face in receiving a proper diagnosis, the burden of TTP and the impact it has on a patient’s quality of life, and the limitations of the current standard of care in treating TTP.
One of more than 50 participants in the webinar had this to say: “Hearing Mina’s journey was very eye opening and insightful. I never thought someone with TTP would have to struggle with the disorder for almost 30 years. This has given me a new perspective and inspired me to better understand the unmet needs of this patient population.”