Canadian Awareness & Advocacy

Access to life-saving treatment depends on action from all juridictions across Canada.  IF YOU ARE CANADIAN, AND YOU KNOW SOMEONE WITH TTP WE Need your help.

Join our next Take Action Meeting. We have recently sent communications to the Ontario and Alberta governments to request immediate access to caplacizumab. Join us at our next meeting in mid-March for updates.

SPECIAL ASK TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE BENEFITED FROM CAPLACIZUMAB: Help gain access for yourself in the future, and help the entire community. You are desparately needed to share your experience.  Help get this life-saving treatment funded in Canada. Come to the next Take Action Meeting.

We are also currently awaiting the final results from the Canadian evaluation bodies (CADTH and INESSS) to see if they will finally recommend funding of this life-saving treatment. So far, the draft recommendation "DO NOT FUND" is devastating.  We are now poised to take action at the provincial level. Letters have been sent in Ontario and Alberta. If you live in another province, come to the next meeting so we can discuss next steps in your province. Templates are prepared, but we need you.

Don't Be IDLE.  Join our fight. amplify our collective voice.

Click her to learn about the actions taken thus far by the Foundation and our Community, to gain access to caplacizumab.




Caplacizumab was approved by Health Canada in 2020, but is not funded for use in Canada despite being a standard of care in peer nations. Caplacizumab is our only immediate defence against the potentially life-altering blood clots that characterize a TTP crisis

Answering TTP Foundation strives to raise awareness for TTP and to represent a unified voice of action for the TTP community. Currently, our advocacy focus is to gain access to caplacizumab for treatment of TTP in Canada. To gain access in your province/territory we will need your help. This is a province-by-province/ territory-by-territory battle that will require a national network of advocates.

Click her to learn about the actions taken thus far by the Foundation and our Community, to gain access to caplacizumab.

We try to obtain media coverage for all our events in order to raise the profile of TTP within our communities in an effort to speed diagnosis and save lives. Articles are listed within the Resource Links section of our website. If you are affiliated with the media and would like to focus a story on TTP please contact us.