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Researcher's Work is Published

Answering TTP Foundation provided research grant funding to support Dr. Long Zheng which has resulted in two research papers on TTP. Together we are furthering the understanding and coming closer to a targeted treatment for TTP. Congratulations Dr. Long Zheng! And congratulations to all supporters of the Answering TTP Foundation.

hTTP Study Recruiting

A healthcare research firm is recruiting patients who have been diagnosed with hereditary (inherited) thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (hTTP). hTTP represents about 1% of  TTP cases and is characterized by inherited deficiency or abnormality of the ADAMTS 13 enzyme.

For more information and for participation instructions click here.

Fundraising Initiatives

2018 Chance for Change Game Night

The 9th Annual Chance for Change raised $200,000 on April 21, 2018. Guests were thrilled by our new venue, our wide selection of silent auction items, the fun games, exciting raffles, stunning entertainment and delicious food. 

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Research Outcomes

The Answering TTP Foundation's Board of Directors has received impact statements from two Principal Investigators that have completed their Foundation funded grants. The results are encouraging. A patient-led organization plays a vital role in the quest to conquer TTP. Congratulations to our researchers and to all those who support the Foundation.

More information about these research grant outcomes has been uploaded to each grant information page,