2018 Chance for Change Game Night

The 9th Annual Chance for Change was held on April 21, 2018 at an exciting new venue - Famous People Players. Guests were thrilled by our wide selection of silent auction items, fun games, raffles, entertainment and the food. 

Listen to the feedback from our guests ----

  • I thought this was the best event yet.
  • The show was stunning!
  • Wonderful meal, great auction items. Nice to sit and chat with friends!
  • Whole evening was well balanced...auction, socializing, show, dinner.

Together we raised $200,000 for the cause.

Excerpt from the Chair's evening message to guests ---

"We have built a Foundation that funds TTP research. We have provided funds otherwise not available to researchers. In particular we have helped,

  • Dr. Cataland in Ohio to identify markers for TTP relapse
  • Dr. Vanhoorelbeke in Belgium to confirm her phase I theory for a new treatment

We currently fund,

  • Dr. Hovinga in Bern, Switzerland in her quest to find a specific treatment for TTP.
  • Dr. Chung in Seattle, WA to improve the ability to diagnose and monitor the disease in order to intervene earlier to save lives.
  • Dr. Thomas in London, UK in her quest to ease treatment and the treatment side effects.

And recently we have started funding Dr. Huang, in Canada, who is addressing the #1 TTP side effect reported by patients --- memory and heart issues.  

Together we are changing the outcome for patients. This event is driving research forward and is making a real difference for patients.

In addition to research, the Foundation provides education and support to this geographically dispersed and isolated ultra-rare community. In fact we have started virtual peer support program moderated by a professional social worker. The sessions use video conferencing software to facilitate a meaningful, healing and collaborative space for patients to connect and learn from one another. The response from all participants has been overwhelmingly positive. Each participant has praised the Foundation for this new and innovative opportunity."

Check out the event photo album here.

See you next year!