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TTP Remains a Medical Emergency Despite Pandemic

A TTP crisis is a true medical emergency. Potentially fatal complications can result from internal blood  clotting, with damage to critical organs such as  the brain and heart.  Early intervention is critical to survival. The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has issued the following release urging patients in emergency to seek care.


Support Groups

Virtual Peer Support

Our Virtual Peer Support meeting on Wednesday, October, 7 was a great opportunity to discuss how TTP has impacted our lives.  Everyone got to share their story and ask questions of the group. Participants that have had TTP for a while were able to share helpful information with the more newly diagnosed participants. See you in December!   

USTMA Consortium National Virtual Meeting

The United States Thrombotic Microangiopathy (USTMA) Consortium patient meeting held virtually on Saturday, August 22, 2020 was extremely informative.  The all day meeting format was set up very well allowing patients to ask questions.  Some excellent information, from experts in the field, was shared about TTP history, research, preventing relapse, the effects on the brain, particular issues for women, etc.  Recordings from the meeting are available on their website here