Dr. Shih-Han Susan Huang

A Prospective Study to Assess the Vascular Burden in TTP Patients

Dr. Shih-Han Susan Huang
  Dr. Shih-Han Susan Huang
  Scientist, Lawson Research Institute
  London, ON Canada
Research Aims of this Study:
"TTP is associated with significant morbidity and mortality (33% over 8 years), even after plasma exchange treatment. Therefore, we need to re-focus the management goal of these patients and prevent these injuries to the heart and the brain."
How did Dr. Shih-Han Susan Huang become interested in TTP research:
"My research training and interest are in the areas of extracorporeal therapies, including dialysis and plasmapheresis. I use advanced technology and biomarkers to investigate and assess TTP. My current research project pertaining to optimizing long term survivorship from thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura is completely original."
How Dr. Shih-Han Susan Huang believes this research will impact individuals living with or impacted by TTP:
"We will apply advanced imaging tools and evaluate blood markers in 20 TTP patients. Through this study, we will have a better understanding of the disease burden and its structural impact on the heart and the brain."
Comments from Dr. Shih-Han Susan Huang to donors:
"Our research proposal is unique and important. Our 256-slice Computed Tomography Angiography (CTA) studies are sensitive to detect microvascular injuries, which is the main pathogenesis of TTP related organ injuries. With the support of the Answering TTP Grant, we will apply this advance technology to better understand this rare but life-threatening disease."