Patient's Grandmother Makes a Champion

Selena's mom accompanied her mom to her virtual meeting with her MPP.
They created a champion.
You can too!

Wee Need More Meetings

We must build as many champions as ossible within local government for this grassroots campaign to work.


Help us build champions amongst the decision makers. Only our patient stories can do this. Meet with your MPP/MLA and meet with the MPPs/MLAs that serve your family and friends. The more opportunities we have to share our message, the more successful we will be. Selena's Grandma did it. So can you!
Get all your supporters to write their local MPP/MLA to request a meeting. Use social media, email, letter, phone. You are the tip of the iceberg. This is a grassroots campaign, we need not only you, but your network to amplify our collective voice. Check out our 5 easy steps that includes handy content to invite your friends, family and neighbours to join our advocacy efforts.