Take Action - October 13 Meeting

Our Advocacy plan to gain access to life-saving therapy is underway, and we are getting meetings! This was a 20 minute check-in meeting to hear from those who had recently had meetings with their MPP/MLA or had questions about communications with their offices. Check out the recording.


  1. Once you get your meeting, please click here to email Sydney to request a prep call. Ask along the person(s) in your network most affected by TTP. You know your story, let our advocacy experts help you streamline your messaging.
  2. If it has been 2 weeks or more since you requested a meeting with your MPP/MLA, then it is time to give them a friendly nudge (click here for sample text). If you received an acknowledgment of receipt email, please reply directly to that email. If not, send along the email originally saved to your inbox from the letter generating platform (search your inbox for email from advocacyvoice.com) to provide all the background needed. You will need to lookup your local MPP's email here (using your postal code)

MOST IMPORTANTLY - Request a meeting with your local MPP/MLA using our online form (click here). Check out the how-to video below. Don't worry there will be plenty of time to prepare for the meeting (and invite one of us along) before the virtual meeting happens.  

Check out the MPP meeting toolkit for resources to prepare for your meeting. There will be plenty of time to prepare for these virtual meetings, and delegates from the Foundation are available to join you at the meeting if you want. We will host virtual meetings to prepare and support your efforts to obtain the meeting, and ensure the meeting is productive.

Acess to caplacizumab for patients in Canada will require effort in every jurisdiction. We need your help, and you can tailor your commitment to suit your schedule. From a few clicks to a meeting with your elected representative, every effort counts and we are developing a toolkit to tackle this together. Moreover, the tools will help us to more easily engage our local friends, neighbours, and family to amplify our collective voice.

More information on our Take Action page here.