Take Action Schedule


A little nervous? Want more direction? Attend our next Take Action meeting (click here to register). Please invite your network of supporters to help nudge them to join us for these meetings. Virtual meetings will  continue to provide context and education regarding the advocacy process and how individuals (like you, your family and friends) are needed to propel our cause forward. These round table discussions and presentations from advocacy experts will enable us to share our progress, and adapt key messages as we continue our journey towards achieving publicly-funded access to caplacizumab. 

STEP 1 Write your local MPP/MLA

Send a letter to your  local elected provincial representative (MPP or MLA) to request a meeting, please click here for further instructions.

Your role at the meeting will be to share your TTP experience - nobody knows your story better than you. Key messages about the impact of caplacizumab will drive the conversation to "OUR ASK"; that each MPP write their respective Provincial Health Minister to ask that caplacizumab be added to their provincial formulary (be funded by the province).  

Check out the MPP meeting toolkit for resources to prepare for your meeting. There will be plenty of time to prepare for these virtual meetings, and delegates from the Foundation are available to join you at the meeting if you want. We will host virtual meetings to prepare and support your efforts to obtain the meeting, and ensure the meeting is productive. 

STEP 2 Engage Your Network to write their MPP/MLA

Get all your supporters to write their local MPP/MLA. Use social media, email, letter, phone. You are the tip of the iceberg. This is a grassroots campaign, we need not only you, but your network to amplify our collective voice. Not sure how to compel your supporters to act. Check out Sydney's email message to her supporters here. Feel free to customize and use. Let's get the word out!



Follow-up with your MPP if you don't have a meeting.  If it has been 2 weeks or more since you requested a meeting with your MPP/MLA, then it is time to give them a friendly nudge (click here for sample text). If you received an acknowledgement of receipt from your MPP/MLA, you can simply reply to that. If not, you may need to lookup your local MPP's email here using your postal code (click here). Send along the email originally saved to your inbox from the letter generating platform (copy sent to you from Contact@AnsweringTTP.org) to provide all the background needed.  Your meeting is vital to the success of our advocacy campaign.

Follow-up with your network. This is a grassroots campaign, we need not only you, but your network to amplify our collective voice. A week after you send the first ask to your network, consider following up. Ask them if any one has got a meeting. Let them know that you will attend their MPP/MLA meeting with them. Let's get the word out!

Step 4 Prepare For And Attend Your Meeting(s)

  • Would you like a one-on-one prepatory zoom call? We can do that. Please click here to request a training call. Still nervous or unsure? Don't be we can send a delegate from the Foundation with you to your virtual meeting.
  • Check out the Key Messages Document for resources to prepare for your meeting. Your experience with TTP will naturally lead you to "OUR ASK"; that each MPP write their respective Provincial Health Minister to ask that caplacizumab be added to their provincial formulary (be funded by the province).  If you are a patient, or their loved-on, your main goal of having a conversation with your local MPP is to share your experience with TTP, and how caplacizumab brings hope to you. You don’t need facts and figures. This key messages is a quicklist for those who feel comfortable sharing more, or for those with less experience with the disease;
  • Draft the email to send to your MPP or MLA after your virtual face-to-face meeting with 2 attachments. Drafted content for this email for your convenience is available here. We reocmmend that you REPLY ALL to the email thread that asked for the meeting (unless you were given another email to use in your meeting). This email will thank them for their time and provide two critical documents.
    1. Attachment #1 (click here) is the letter your MPP or MLA will customize and send to your local Health Minister (download here), and
    2. Attachment #2 (click here) is an overview of our case and ASK. If you were meeting them in-person, this is the document you would physically hand over to them as you leave.

Step 5 Submit A Letter to Your Health Minister.

Utilizing a pre-formed, but customizable (if you wish) template, everyone will be able to write the health minister in a few clicks to request life-saving access to caplacizumab (Link will be posted at a later date) . Engage your friends, family, and community members – the more letters we send, the better. Let's go viral!!

Help raise awareness by sharing, liking and retweeting! 

Answering TTP will be posting much more regularly on our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter). Make sure to retweet, like, and share the posts and use #TTPawareness so that we can raise awareness of TTP while encouraging others to learn about our ask for access to caplacizumab.


It’s time for our community to come together again and engage our loved ones so that TTP patients can access the life-saving treatment of caplcizumab.