Take Action - November 3 Meeting

We shared experiences of having meetings with MLAs/MPPs across Canada. This is such great news! We have even learned of multiple MLAs/MPPs that have, or intend to send their Provincial Minister of Health an official letter regarding the need for access to caplacizumab. Congratulations. Check out the recording of this meeting (click the image beside).

Over 70 people sent letters to request meetings with their MLAs/MPPs so we should be getting many more meetings in the near future. If you have sent a meeting request, but have not heard back from the office of your local MPP/MLA it is time to either,

  • give them a friendly nudge (click here for sample text). If you received an acknowledgment of receipt email, please reply directly to that email. If not, send along the email originally saved to your inbox from the letter generating platform (search your inbox for email from advocacyvoice.com) to provide all the background needed. You will need to lookup your local MPP's email here (using your postal code)
  • if you have done that already, it is time to give them a good old fashioned phone call to their office. If you are having trouble finding the phone number, please email contact@answeringTTP.org and we will help you get it.

Remember, we will gladly coordinate a prep meeting call to help you prepare for your meeting with your MPP/MLA.  Please click here to email Sydney to coordinate a prep call when you hear about the timing of your meeting with your MLA/MPP. Those directly affected by the disease are encouraged to attend meetings/phone calls with family/friends who were able to get a meeting with their local MPP/MLA. Don't worry if you aren't even in the same province. The silver lining of the new virtual world is that we can coordinate our small and geographically dispersed network to compel action. We are happy to meet with all of you to help prepare you for the call. Check out the MPP/MLA meeting toolkit for resources to prepare for your meeting.