Dr. Dominic W Chung

Development of improved assays for the diagnosis of TTP.

Prof. Dr. J. A. Kremer Hovinga Department of Hematology and Central Hematology Laboratory Inselpsital, Bern University Hospital Photograph by Tanja Läser, Insel Gruppe AG, Bern, Switzerland

Dr. Dominic Chung
Bloodworks Research Institute
Seattle, WA




Research Aims of this Study:

"The aims are to circumvent current limitations and develop improved methods for measuring
the activity of ADAMTS13 and the level of autoimmune antibodies to ADAMTS13 in the plasma
of TTP patients. Timely and accurate measurements of these factors will assist physicians in
diagnosing and managing TTP patients."

How did Dr. D. Chung become interested in TTP research:

"I have been studying basic mechanisms in hemostasis and thrombosis for many years. We were interested in TTP as an extreme form of thrombosis in small blood vessels caused by
dysfunctional von Willebrand factor, which for many years is primarily regarded as a protein
important for stopping bleeding. What we learned from TTP became relevant to other forms of
thrombotic disorders."

How Dr. D. Chung believes this research will impact individuals living with or impacted by TTP:

"We hope to provide the tools that help physicians to monitor disease progression, development of resistance, and likelihood to relapse."

Comments from Dr. D. Chung to donors:

"We thank the donors for their support in research in TTP. With their support, we hope to bring
improved care for TTP patients, and reduce the devastating effects of the disease."