Our Research Grants

Answering TTP Foundation had committed over $1.6 Million to research grants through 2019.

Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP) is a rare medical emergency causing small blood clots and potentially fatal complications. Early diagnosis is key to survival.  TTP can strike anyone, at any stage of life. It is estimated that three in one million people are diagnosed each year. 

A TTP diagnosis can be a scary and lonely diagnosis due to its rare nature and geographically dispersed patient population. What's even more scary is the unanswered questions that come with a TTP diagnosis. Why did I get TTP? Will I relapse? Can I prevent relapse? and so on. That is why Answering TTP Foundation is dedicated to raising funds to help support research that will produce the greatest benefit for all those affected by TTP with the ultimate goal of finding an answer for TTP. 

Answering TTP Foundation understands the need for biomedical, clinical and population health research and accepts research proposals internationally. To find out more about our research grant program and for contact information please visit our For Professionals page.

2013 Funded Grants

2014 Funded Grants




Audited financial statements are available. Please send request via email to Contact@AnsweringTTP.org.