The International Medical Advisory Network

Physicians with a challenging TTP case seeking peer discussion are encouraged to be connected with our international TTP Medical Advisory Network. 

The Foundation is dedicated to facilitating collaboration amoungst the TTP medical community. P

Dr. Spero Cataland, Ohio, US, The Ohio State University Hospital
Dr. James George, Oklahoma, US, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Dr. Christoph Licht, Ontario, CA, The Hospital for Sick Children
Dr. Katerina Pavenski, Ontario, CA, St. Michael's Hospital
Dr. Marie Scully, London, UK, University College London Hospital
Dr. Han-mou Tsai, New York, US

Please note that the list of physicians listed above is not meant to be a contact list for a second opinion. If you are a patient who is interested in a second opinion a referral from your doctor is necessary. 

Please note that the Foundation does not provide medical advice or care, and this is not a medical referral. We do strongly advise you to consider any and all other information you consider appropriate.