Dr. M. Thomas

A prospective randomised controlled trial of low-dose versus standard dose rituximab for prevention of relapses in acquired TTP.

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Dr. M. Thomas
Consultant Haematologist
University College London Hospital




Research Aims of this Study:

"Our UK-wide study, run by the UK TTP Registry group, will compare low-dose and standard dose elective rituximab for prevention of relapse in TTP. We know that a fall in ADAMTS13 activity can be a sign of upcoming relapse and we use rituximab therapy before patients get unwell to reduce the antibodies against ADAMTS13, normalise the ADAMTS13 activity and prevent potentially life-threatening relapse."

How did Dr. M. Thomas become interested in TTP research:

"I became interested in TTP research after treating patients with the condition and realising that there are still major gaps in our knowledge of this serious disease."

How Dr. M. Thomas believes this research will impact individuals living with or impacted by TTP:

"The findings of the study will directly affect care of TTP patients, as it will investigate the benefit of rituximab in patients at preventing TTP relapse and whether low-dose treatment is as effective and may have fewer side effects."

Comments from Dr. M. Thomas to donors:

"The UK TTP Registry group would like to thank the donors of Answering TTP for their support of this important study, which will have a direct impact on how TTP patients are treated in the future."