Dr. Rock

A National Data Base to Collect Comprehensive Data on Patients with T.T.P. 

Dr. Gail Rock, Chair, Canadian Apheresis Group

Research Aims of this Study:

"The current study is directed towards developing a registry of Canadian TTP/HUS patients. The aim is to use epidemiological and other data to define the various patient populations that present with microangiopathies."

How Dr. Rock believes this research will impact individuals living with or impacted by TTP:

"It is expected that by better defining the patient populations treatment can be improved." 

How Dr. Rock became interested in TTP research:

Dr. Rock was responsible for carrying out plasma exchange procedures in the Ottawa area. Patients with TTP presented but the medical literature was uncertain as to whether they should receive plasma exchange or plasma infusion. This resulted in the national CAG trial in TTP, which was completed and published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1991. Because of the enigma surrounding etiology, Dr. Rock began laboratory investigations in both TTP and HUS. 

Comments from Dr. Rock to donors:

"As TTP and HUS are relatively uncommon disorders, the epidemiology of our patient population is unclear. Support for this registry is imperative if we are to properly define the patient population and consider new therapies."