LIVE WEBCAST Ask The Hematologist

Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 3:00pm
Answering TTP Foundation is pleased to announce that the Ohio State University TTP Research Program will be hosting a special live webcast entitled "Ask the Hematologist" to address the TTP community's concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.
This Thursday March 26th at 3pm, Dr. Cataland (a member of our Medical Advisory Network) will host this special streaming interactive education session. Join this livestreaming event by following the link:
If you can't make the time, submit your questions ahead of time by email to A recording of the meeting will be available after the session at:
Please pass this notice along to others who may be interested in attending.

Please note: this is not an Answering TTP Foundation event, and any questions should be directed to the contact information above