TTP Dinner Symposium

TTP Dinner Symposium

On Tuesday, June 23, 2015, Answering TTP Foundation hosted the 2015 TTP Dinner Symposium. The evening provided a unique platform for international TTP medical and research professionals to come together to share best treatment practices and learn about TTP research being done around the world, while paving the way for collaboration opportunities in the future. 

Over 50 international TTP medical and research professionals attended the evening. These leading TTP experts took part in discussions that were robust and opened doors for international collaboration in future TTP research. Several exciting opportunities were identified throughout the evening, including the action items that were noted by the moderator in her closing remarks:

1. We should be looking to provide TTP patients with individualized "TTP Survivorship Plans" similar to what is being done in oncology.  

2. An evidence-informed consensus statement on the escalation of therapy for a TTP crisis is needed.

3. Rare blood disorders such as TTP should be looking to develop and implement a successful "Comprehensive Care" model.  

The Foundation is looking forward to publishing the complete proceedings of the Symposium in a reputable journal in the coming months, to ensure information generated during the Symposium is shared with a wider TTP professional audience.

We thank all those who participated in the Symposium and will keep the Foundation's community abreast of updates to the action items.

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Our Patient Education Day will be held on November 7, 2015, where we will be discussing outcomes of this Symposium. For more information about the Patient Education Day CLICK HERE.

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