Foundation News

The Foundation is being restructured to focus volunteer resources. Marie has been the Foundation’s administrator over the past five years thanks to the support of the Unilock Group of Companies. Today will mark Marie’s last day in this role*. Marie is not going far; she will continue in a bookkeeping capacity.

Marie, Amy & Heather
(clockwise from left)

Answering TTP Foundation continues to thrive. Earlier this week, the Foundation announced the funding of an exciting and very relevant new grant that will investigate brain and heart side effects of TTP. More announcements regarding an engaging peer support opportunity will be released this summer. The Foundation also welcomes Amy Felton to the team as a virtual volunteer helping out by exercising her editing skills.



***Thank you Marie! Marie has been a great support to the Foundation. Anyone who has dealt with her, will echo her passion and dedication to help the small and geographically dispersed TTP Community. On behalf of the TTP Community, the Board thanks her for her contributions to help grow and support our charitable programs and fundraising efforts.