Open Board Positions

Are you thinking of volunteering your time to a worthy cause? Do you want to really make a difference? We encourage you to get involved with Answering TTP Foundation. We are looking for professionals to join our volunteer Board of Directors. Our terms of reference document for Board Directors is attached below. Excerpt ---

The principal role of the Board of Directors  is stewardship of the Foundation to facilitate the Foundation’s mandate, including the protection and enhancement of the value of its assets,and the promotion of activities that fund research, support the TTP community, raise awareness, or provide education of TTP. The stewardship responsibility means that the Board oversees the conduct of management, which is responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the Foundation. The Board must assess and ensure systems are in place to manage the risks of the Foundation’s operations with the objective of preserving the Foundation’s assets. The Board, through the Executive Director, sets the attitude and disposition of the Foundation towards compliance with applicable laws, financial practices and reporting. In addition to its primary accountability to members, the Board is also accountable to employees, government authorities, community stakeholders, and the public.

We are currently recruiting for,

  • a candidate with legal expertise. Preferrably a lawyer.
  • a candidate with a professional accounting designation.

If you are interested in any of the positions listed above, please email Please include information about how your expertise would benefit our grass roots volunteer organization.