How to write your Provincial Health Minister and local elected provincial representative (MPP or MLA)

To make things easy, Answering TTP Foundation has provided an online form to write your provincial Health Minister and local elected provincial representative (MPP or MLA) with a few mouse clicks or phone taps. These letters use multiple templates to facilitate messaging and a built in contact list to direct your letter to the appropriate parties. We encourage you to use this template.

If you would prefer to write and send your own letter directly, we have assembled the following information and tips,

  • Postage is not necessary to mail a letter to your MP.
  • Find your MP’s contact information by entering your postal code here:        
  • Remember to cc the following: Minister of Health, Deputy Minister of Health, or the like. For your convenience, we've linked a publicly available document listing contact information here.
  • And cc us at Answering TTP Foundation at, 22 Prince George Dr., Toronto, ON M9A 1Y1.
Key messages to consider including,
  1. Your personal story and how the lack of caplacizumab access would personally affect your life. Caplacizumab saves lives and prevents disability. Canada’s inability to adopt caplacizumab is causing undo suffering and death.
  2. Caplacizumab prevents the formation of clots that cause organ damage, allowing patients to survive long enough for existing treatments to take effect.
  3. Peer nations have recognized its evidence-based utility by updating their international treatment guidelines to include the use of caplacizumab.