Dr. Shih-Han Susan Huang

The impact of blood brain barrier and white matter injuries in patients with iTTP

Dr. Shih-Han Susan Huang



Shih-Han Susan Huang  MD FRCPC

London Health Sciences Centre

London, ON Canada



Research Aims of this Study:

"Our previous pilot study showed that TTP causes brain injuries and these injuries may
lead to progressive damage on the white area of the brain which connects different
parts of the brain. The aim of the study is to investigate the white matter part of the brain
using advanced MRI technique and assess the brain function, including the mood and
the executive function."

How did Dr. Shih-Han Susan Huang become interested in TTP research:

"I worked with Dr. William Clark, a leading expert in TMA in Canada, during my training
and gained practical experience to apheresis procedures and managing TMA/TTP patients. The evolution in our understanding of TTP over the last 20-30 years fascinates me. In addition, seeing how TTP patients manage and recover from the disease episodes has inspired me to pursue a deeper understanding of the natural history of TTP and neurological complications."

How Dr. Shih-Han Susan Huang believes this research will impact individuals living with or impacted by TTP:

"There are a few new therapies that can be used to treat TTP, including caplacizumab
and rADAMTSt13 (undergoing a larger study trial). By better understanding the brain
health in patients with TTP, we can identify and further study the treatment to prevent
brain injuries and improve brain function."

Comments from Dr. Shih-Han Susan Huang to donors:

"Although TTP is a rare disease, it is associated with high mobility and mortality. To
improve the management of TTP, more studies are required. With the donors
supporting our TTP research, we hope that we can improve the brain health of TTP
patients in the future."