Study Survey - Living with TTP

Shruti Chaturvedi (Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Hematology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine) is conducting an investigation looking at how access to care impacts health disparities in individuals living with TTP.

Contribute to this research by following this link to participate in the survey. More details here.

There are long-term adverse health consequences of TTP.  Recent research suggests that there are disparities (including racial disparities) in these outcomes, but we do not know what factors underlie these differences.  They will investigate how access to care plays into this.

This is an IRB approved study and involves a research survey. Copy of survey (and here is a link:

NB: This is not an Answering TTP study. Any questions should be sent to the organizer. Mention of any treatment products associated with this study are provided for information only and their inclusion is not an endorsement of a particular product or company by Answering TTP Foundation.