March 8: Toronto Support Group & Info Session

The March 8, 2012 TTP Support Group and Information Session had 2 firsts!

For the first time we hosted an international doctor to present information about TTP. Dr. Scully, University College London Hospital, presented the similarities and differences between TTP treatment in Canada vs. the UK. Notably the use of solvent detergent plasma used for Plasmapheresis treatment. Participants were encouraged by the reduced risk of pathogen transmission and the reduction of allergic reactions experienced by patients treated with this new blood product that is scheduled to be available for a sub-group of Canadian TTP patients in April 2012.

Another first was the conference call-in line that enabled the geographically dispersed patient population to participate from across Canada. This new participation platform was very successful and will be continued.

Planning Team with Dr. Scully and Dr. Rock: Gergana, Dr. Scully (University College London Hospital), Dr. Rock (Chair, Canadian Apheresis Group) & Syd

Thank you to all those who participated. Thank you to Dr. Scully, Dr. Rock (Chair of the Canadian Apheresis Group) and Dr. Pavenski (Saint Michael's Hospital, Toronto) for their attendance and participation. A special thanks to Dr. Pavenski for participating in the always interesting and engaging Q&A period.