The Canadian Medical Advisory Network

The Answering TTP Foundation is strengthening the level of support and education to Canadian TTP patients and driving greater awareness of TTP to the medical community by creating the Foundation's first-ever national Canadian TTP Medical Advisory Panel.

TTP treating physicians across Canada will come together to conduct virtual round table discussions to improve the lives of those living with TTP. As the formation of the panel is still coming together, Answering TTP is still in the planning stages to determine how the Medical Advisory Panel could be of best use to the TTP community. Panel members may potentially be asked to:

  • volunteer a panel member to participate in a virtual TTP educational event
  • help our administrator connect TTP patients with TTP treaters, particularly when patients move or experience a crisis while travelling;
  • consider endorsing or working toward developing Canadian TTP treatment guidelines; and/or
  • lend their independent voice to support access to TTP treatments via clinician opt-in group letter to Ministers of Health and drug plan managers across Canada.

Stay tuned on our Events pages for announcements of future events featuring Panel members.