TTP Treatment in Canada Virtual Community Meeting

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 - 5:30pm

We need the entire Canadian TTP Community to understand the impact of not having access to caplacizumab in Canada. Come to the virtual meeting to learn more and to do your part. 


We have assembled a Canadian round table of health experts to help us understand the potential life-saving advantages of caplacizumab. Also, a patient's mom will share her daughter's experience of receiving caplacizumab. There will be time for audience questions.

This educational session will help to empower our community to understand this issue and take next steps in the struggle for access to this life-saving therapy. After the virtual session, you will be invited to write your Health Minister and MP with a few mouse clicks (or phone taps). We need your voice.

BACKGROUND: Caplacizumab saves lives and prevents disability.  Caplacizumab is the first new treatment developed for TTP in the last 25 years. Peer nations have recognized its evidence-based utility by updating their international treatment guidelines to include the use of caplacizumab.  For a country that pioneered TTP treatment by establishing the effectiveness of plasmapheresis, Canada’s inability to adopt caplacizumab is causing undo suffering and death. 

Existing TTP treatments are designed to control the underlying mechanism of disease, but require time to take effect, time that aTTP patients do not have.  In aTTP, blood clots rapidly form in small blood vessels throughout the body and block the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the body’s organs, including the brain, kidneys and heart.  Caplacizumab prevents the formation of clots that cause organ damage, allowing patients to survive long enough for existing treatments to take effect.

We are stronger TOGETHER!