CORD Webinar: Including New Risk Reduction Therapy for TTP.

Friday, October 23, 2020 - 12:00pm

This is a panel discussion about new therapies for aTTP, Thalassemia and Hemophilia, and the challenges for patients to obtain access to them. Register at Learn more about Capla and the impact of the CADTH and INESS recommendation not to fund it.

Panel discussion to include: What are the outcomes that these therapies provide to patients? What are the risks-benefits decisions that patients need to make (in consultation with their clinicians) about taking these therapies? How important are these therapies relative to other options for treating these conditions? Do these serve “unmet” needs?

How can we access preventive and risk-reduction therapies? Examples from rare blood disorders. What are the benefits of therapies that can prevent or reduce the risk of serious symptomology in rare diseases? What are challenges in approval of these therapies through HTA process? What are the challenges to accessing these preventive therapies through public and private drug plans? Why are these therapies especially relevant in the time of a pandemic?

This webinar is part of the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorder's (CORD) ambitious consultation plan to achieve consensus on a national Rare Disease Drug Strategy in response to the government's commitment to an overall Canadian Rare Disease Strategy (as mentioned in this September's Speech from the Throne).

This is not an Answering TTP Foundation event, and any questions should be directed to the contact information on the event website. NB: Mention of any treatment products associated with this event are provided for information only and their inclusion is not an endorsement of a particular product or company by Answering TTP Foundation.