Presentation to the Entrepreneurial Innovation Bootcamp in Rare Diseases

On October 23, 2017 Sydney Kodatsky (Chair, Answering TTP Foundation) virtually presented to the Entrepreneurial innovation Bootcamp in Rare Diseases hosted in Leuven, Belgium. One of the organizers included TTP researcher Prof. Dr. Karen Vanhoorelbeke.


Sydney's presentation was well received. "I got a lot of positive reactions from the audience. They experienced your testimony as really impressive. Some people even stated that it made them look differently to the way they approach their research:). I guess that is one of the things we hoped to reach! Your testimony wakes up people and makes them tackle the different issues in rare diseases from a different point of view. Thanks a lot of sharing your story with us." ---- Prof. Dr. Karen Vanhoorelbeke

The target audience of this event was not limited to life scientists from academia / industry but also included C-level executives and policy makers from Belgium and abroad dealing with orphan disease drugs.