Ohio TTP & aHUS Support Group Meeting

The Ohio State University TTP/aHUS face-to-face meeting was made available to non-local participants to join virtually. On Tuesday October 10th, Dr. Cataland welcomed special guest Dr. James N. George, of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Face-to-face and virtual participants from around the world asked many important and relevant questions about such hot topics as; the role of the ADAMTS13 enzyme, ongoing cognitive issues and coping strategies, the safety of pregnancy, the difference between TTP and aHUS and the role of a new and exciting drug called caplacizumab.

Dr. George commented on the importance of support groups particulary for such rare diseases as TTP. Those suffering from more common conditions are more easily supported by their communities - "When you tell your neighbour that you have TTP, the best you can hope for is a blank stare." How true!  Dr. George reminded patients of the Foundation's physican connect program to discuss complex TTP cases.

Missed it the first time. Listen to the recording