Thank you to all who came out to support the In Honour of Answering TTP Blood Donation Drive

Seven first time donors were amoungst the donors who came out on December 2, 2010 to support the blood drive.  The consensus from the donors who donated blood for the first time was that of surprised relief at how easy it was.  “I thought I would feel different, but I don’t” said Jeannie, “I will be donating every 56 days from now on.”

But we still have a long way to go!

If these 7 first time donors successfully give blood used for TTP treatment every 56 days for the next year, the combined amount of blood plasma would only represent approximately 30% of the plasma required  by 1 TTP patient in crises to achieve remission. This is because patients usually require more than 15 plasmapheresis treatments or approximately 150 gifts of blood to achieve remission. It would take 1 donor 23 years to give 150 times!

You don’t have to wait for the next In Honour of Answering TTP Blood Donation Drive to help us in our Partnering for Life program with Canadian Blood Services. Simply register online with Canadian Blood Services Partner for Life Program using ID # ANSW011432 and book an appointment at your local blood donation clinic. Once you have registered online all your subsequent donations will help us in our goal of achieving 100 donations in 2011! Please sign up today. Ensure you bring the ID# with you and confirm upon arrival that your file is appropriately marked to count towards our tally!

All patients and supporters are encouraged to raise awareness for TTP by talking to your friends and coworkers about this rare and complex disease to encourage them to give blood. Moreover, we hope you will consider sending out a blood donation endorsement blurb including a link to this web page to your Facebook friends.