2019 International TTP Day

On Saturday, September 21, 2019, the community recognized International TTP Day for the second time. To mark this international day, participants raised funds for research.
We raised $30,000! 

Answering TTP Foundation's International TTP Day brings local TTP communities together on a global scale to raise funds to support research, education and support. Participants use their custom fundraising page to collect funds for their event. Registrants either walk or fundraise another way to be part of this international movement bringing small communities together to be part of something big! This event was previously called the Walk to Answer TTP Together. Participating by walking (as in previous years) is still a great way to take part. More information in our detailed participant instructions here.

Top Fundraising Individuals
Bruce Morton $7,550
Mina Rajan $4,000
Kathi Nees $2,558
Top Fundraising Teams
Team Toronto $2,655
The Confidence Warriors $1,433
Isabel the Incredible $300